In December 2015, the University Archives received new space: a new storage room with specially-designed shelving made just for archival materials.




Now it’s April 2017 and its a good thing we got this space, because it’s starting to look a little crowded! The boxes and binders all along the long wall are from the President’s Office, who has been housing their own archival materials since 1975. Now, we can take them and preserve them. In the end, all the President’s Office files will look like the others, in smaller gray boxes with proper labels. It will also be smaller, as we discard duplicate reports or other materials. Right now it takes up about 30 feet of shelving space.




When there’s space to grow, archives can grow *very quickly*! This also means that there are more primary source materials that are available for studying the history of UHD and its predecessor, South Texas Junior College (hint, hint).