The bathrooms of M&M South

After the ridiculously wild success of the post on Confluence on the bathrooms of the One Main Building’s north side, we decided to document the south side as well.

Starting at the top, we have the 10th floor, which has to be from the late 1980s, with its contrasting pink and brown (this is the men’s room, very soothing):IMG_20160520_075642

The eighth floor clearly did not have anyone of creative genius designing it. Or at least, no one who understood how important it is to have *interesting* bathrooms:


Seventh floor south is a recap of my favorite image from the north side gallery, red sinks with bright yellow everything-else:



Sixth floor south is actually really interesting to me–that’s a wood panel on the front of the sinks, and I actually kind of like the tiles on the floor. It’s very cozy, for an institutional bathroom:


We are all agreed that fourth floor south is a mess and needs something to pick it up immediately:



The glory of third floor south:


And a surprisingly interesting bathroom we found on 2nd floor south! There is a chair back there on the other side of Sink Island!