The bathrooms of M&M North

If you have stepped foot into the M&M building, our main building here at UHD, you know that we have some *really* mind-altering bathrooms. Obviously, everyone knows about the third floor north bathroom:

3rd floor north edited

Why was it tiled like this? Was it the 90s? Just someone’s art project? No way of knowing.


But a lesser-known bathroom that really deserves a visit is 8th floor north:

8th floor bathroom edited

Why are the sinks red and everything else is yellow?! A mystery for the ages.

Some other bathrooms of note:

6th floor north bathroom edited

6th floor north (same design as 4th floor north, so you’ll be excused if that is where you thought this was)

9th floor bathroom edited

9th floor north. All pink with navy blue grout.

10th floor bathroom edited

10th floor north is surprisingly classy, I like that blue stripe.


First floor north never gets any love but it has a wonderful emerald green stained concrete thing going on.


I do not know why nearly every set of bathrooms on each floor is tiled in different colors. It really defies explanation, actually, because why on earth would they order new and different tiles each time a renovation was being done? At any rate, it is now a quirk of this place that I particularly enjoy.

Explore our bathrooms! They are treasures!



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    • You know, I thought they were, until I happened by a men’s room the other day as the door was opening and it was different! I guess it’s time for a more scientific approach. :)–Melissa


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