Technology: A Retrospective

Technology is one of the cornerstones of what makes UHD work; our first “online” classes took place in the mid-80s, and by 1994 we were already comfortable with using distance education. To celebrate the great computing generation, here are some really excellent photos of computers and the people who loved them.

A student transfers her notes to her word processor. Notice that there is no mouse. F commands!
Molly Woods, staff and faculty member at UHD since the beginning, is here being photobombed by her state-of-the-art desktop Apple computer (with mouse! Fancy!). Notice the 3.5″ disk drive as well.
The servers were always spinning in IT. You can see the magnetic tape reels sitting on top of the machines.
Computer lab! Dot matrix printer in the foreground. The woman in the mid ground looks like she’s using command line to do something, but since almost everything was command line then, it could have been anything.
Computer science class. The students are using VT100 terminals, which were the first to really use ASCII codes. It’s hard to see what the woman in the foreground is working on, but it could be C++ exercises.