Organizing the Colleges, 1982-2003

The Archives has begun soliciting guest posts from long-time faculty and staff on topics that they witnessed first-hand. The first in this series was written by Dr. Michael Dressman, currently a Professor of English and the Assistant Director of the Master of Security Management for Executives Program. He came to UHD in 1982, and served as chair of the department of arts and humanities. After serving as Dean of the College of Humanities and Social SciencesĀ from 1989 to 2003, he also served as theĀ Interim Provost, and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Graduate Studies.


The Organization of the Colleges and Departments of Academic Affairs at UHD from 1982 to 2003

In the early 1980s, UHD had two Divisions: Arts & Sciences (A&S) and Business & Technology (B&T). The Dean of A&S was Dr. Jeffrey Bobbitt and the Dean of B&T was Dr. Stanley Ebner. The departments in A&S included Arts & Humanities, Applied Mathematical Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, Social Sciences, and Criminal Justice. The departments in B&T included Engineering Technology and two departments in business areas, approximating the current departments of Management, Marketing, and Business Administration (MMBA) and Finance, Accounting, and Enterprise Information Systems (FAEIS). In those days, however, the distribution of academic fields varied somewhat and included major fields that are no longer offered. At the time Dr. Clint Jones was Vice President of Academic Affairs.

During the 1980s, the Department of Criminal Justice and the Department of Behavioral Science were folded into the Department of Social Sciences. Ostensibly, these moves were done for budgetary reasons.

In i989, under the leadership of Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. John Kerrigan and President Manuel Pacheco, Academic Affairs was reorganized into four colleges: Business, Humanities & Social Sciences, Science & Technology, and University College. The deans of the four colleges were Drs. Bobby Bizzell (Business), Michael Dressman (HSS), Stanley Ebner (ST), and Jeffrey Bobbitt (UC). After Dr. Bobbitt left UHD, he was succeeded by Dr. Dan Jones and then by Dr. Chris Birchak.

At least two reasons for the new four-college structure were the need for a separate College of Business in order to seek AACSB accreditation and the need to gain some control over academic advising for the undeclared and transfer students, which was the charge of University College.

In the College of Humanities and Social Sciences in 1989, there were three departments. What had been the Department of Arts & Humanities divided into two departments: English and Arts & Humanities. The Department of Social Sciences added philosophy, which had been in Arts & Humanities. There was an attempt at the time to split the Social Sciences department, but the members of the department could not agree on how to group the academic fields. Eventually, a separate Department of Criminal Justice was established. Dr. Molly Woods was the Vice President of Academic Affairs at this time.

In the College of Science and Technology, Dr. Ebner retired and was succeeded by Dr. George Pincus.

In the late 1990s, at the direction of President Max Castillo, a new department, Urban Education, was developed within the College of Humanities & Social Sciences. In 2003, a new college, Public Service, was established with two departments, Urban Education and Criminal Justice. Dr. Dressman stepped down as Dean of HSS and was succeeded by Dr. Susan Ahern. Dr. Beth Pelz was the first Dean of the College of Public Service.