Poetry and Poets at UHD

In May 2015, Dr. Robin Davidson, a faculty member at the University, was named Houston’s second Poet Laureate. But she is just the latest example in a long line of people dedicated to sharing poetry here at UHD.

Lorenzo Thomas is obviously one of the best known poets who made UHD his home. He helped to found the Bayou Review literary journal, and published several works of poetry in his lifetime. Other current English faculty members who are also published poets are Drs. Katharine Jager, Jane Creighton, and Merrilee Cunningham.

A member of the faculty that is perhaps less well known as a poet to our community is Dr. Andre de Korvin, a professor of mathematics and computer science whose poetry has been published several times (listen to an interview with de Korvin here).

Historically, too, UHD has been a focal point for poetry. The Houston Poetry Festival was hosted and sponsored by the University’s Cultural Enrichment Center and the English Department for many years in the early 2000s. The Cultural Enrichment Center also brought other poets to the city, such as Maya Angelou and Junot Diaz, and has acted as a catalyst for enriching the cultural and intellectual life of our academic community.