Radio Penthouse, KCOH AM

In 1948, the M&M building group signed a lease agreement with a very special new tenant: a radio station. Call sign KCOH (for City Of Houston), the station billed itself as  a “good music” station with limited commercial interruption, and aired at the 1430 frequency on the AM dial.

kcoh ad 1948

While the antenna was housed elsewhere, according to the FCC history database, the studio itself was on the 11th floor of this building (where the painting studio is now), and the station called itself “Radio Penthouse.”

In 1953, the entire station was bought by Robert Meeker and other investors, and announced that they were changing the formatting to be “Houston’s First and Only Negro Radio Station.” It was the first Black-owned radio station in Texas, and kept its studio here at One Main until the original lease ran out in 1955 and they moved their station to the Third Ward, at Almeda and Wichita (their “jewel-box” studio was famous in Houston for allowing the audience to look in the windows and see the DJs at the board).


The KCOH service and news fleet, circa 1963.


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