How the Archives are Arranged

The UHD Archives are arranged to mirror the organization of the University itself. Starting with the current organizational chart and thinking about how we might arrange materials so that one group of records would not be substantially larger than any other, in the end seven Record Groups were created (see below for full listing of the Groups).
A Record Group is an organizational strategy of bringing lots of different offices or business functions under one “umbrella” to help build relationships for researchers. In the case of UHD, we realized that there are a few main areas under which we can group certain offices. Under each Record Group, there are several Collections which correspond to different programs or offices. Within each Collection, there might be several Series to help further organize the materials, and within each series it would be possible to have subseries that contains many individual items or groups of items that relate solely to that specific subseries. This is common archival practice, and something any researcher would see in any archives in the U.S., Canada, or Australia. An example of how these groups nest within each other:

Record Group: RG-C (Colleges and Academic Programs)
Collection: College of Humanities and Social Sciences (1974-present)
Series: Center for Public Deliberation (2006-present)
Subseries: Achieving the Dream Program (2008)

You can see that each sub-grouping is tightening the net, so to speak, until we have reached a fine level of granularity. By going up from the bottom (starting at the subseries level), it enables a researcher to see who was responsible for all business activities at the University. While a person may not realize that the Achieving the Dream program was funded by the Center for Public Deliberation, seeing the organizational structure makes it perfectly clear that the Center is part of the College and that the program was done by those two groups working together.

Here is the full listing of the Record Groups and some representative Collections within each Record Group:

RG-AA (Academic Affairs)

Contains the records of the Office of the Provost, Library, Planning, Enrollment Management, Advising, and Student Affairs

RG-C (Colleges and Academic Programs)

Contains records of the individual Colleges, distance education, English Language Institute, and sponsored programs

RG-ESO (Employment Services and Operations)

Contains all records related to Human Resources, training, and employment

RG-F (Administration and Finance)

Contains the records of Facilities, Information Technology, Budget, Compliance, and Police

RG-PA (Public Affairs)

Contains records and output of University Relations, Corporate Relations, Giving, and Events (including scholarship fundraising)

RG-PO (President’s Office)

Each collection is a President’s tenure


This group contains all materials related to South Texas Junior College and its administration, as well as the purchase of STJC by University of Houston in 1974. It is broken down into several subgroups to facilitate searching.

RG-V (Visual Materials)

Contains any and all photographs, physical and digital, separated by time period and office